Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Garry Cunningham, and with my wife Linda, wish to welcome you to the SHO ME GOATS website.

The SHO ME GOATS Kiko herd has been established on our ninety acre grass farm located on Crowley's Ridge, near the small southeast Missouri town of Campbell.

Linda and I retired in 2008. Linda was a K12 educator and I retired from the managerial side of the construction industry.

We have maintained and developed a herd of registered Black Angus cattle for the past twenty plus years. Having more time to devote to our farm management and profitability, we began looking into the integration of meat goats as a companion species to our Angus cattle. After months of studying various sources and visiting with successful goat ranchers, we chose to become breeders of Kiko meat goats.

We are modifying and adopting many of the strategies of the herd improvement programs learned from the American Angus Association to improve our Kiko herd. Our goal is to develop a herd based on the attributes inherent to the Kiko breed. These attributes being: reproductive and maternal excellence, environmental adaptability, parasite resistance and foot soundness.

We invite you to browse through our web pages to learn more about the SHO ME GOATS breeding program.

Thank you,
Garry & Linda